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Why us

Overview of the world of ads

Marketing is developing at the speed of light. Clients´ behaviour needs to be monitored every day as their shopping habits are changing really fast. This is why it is necessary to be aware of what is going on in the world of marketing on the professional level.

Tailored advertising

We put our heart in the work that we do. There is our spirit, part of us in every idea of ours. And this is the reason why our work is unique, manifold and effective in the first place.

Marketing is the heart of every company. Its emotive aspect.

Marketing (heart)

The whole marketing is about three main things:

1. to whom you are selling

2. what your clients want

3. how to give it to them in the best way possible.

A clearly defined target group and a thoroughly prepared marketing plan combined with regular activities guarantee a strong marketing support for your brand or product.

It is not exaggerated sales technologies that make marketing good. The best way is to understand clients and to respond to questions such as: when, who, where, to whom and why in a proper way.

Graphics (sense)

The graphic design always appeals to senses. One needs to be interesting and attractive. Avoid falling into stereotype and keep attracting clients all the time. However, it is also important to present oneself well.

Business cards, company graphics, logos, corporate colours, fonts… all this must be in harmony. And associated with you from the beginning. It might often be a subconscious connection but it is more important than people are aware of.

Graphic design is the most significant aspect of effective addressing. There is a big difference between texts and pictures! You need to attract your clients on your website, social network as well as on leaflets!

Web design (body)

Clients have demanding requirements in today´s modern world and these need to be fulfilled. The same applies to web systems that can adapt to visitors. That is why present-day companies must be able to listen to these requirements in order to avoid problems.

Websites, blogs, e-shops and all other types of webs should:

1. have a simple and clearly-arranged content – less texts = more clarity
2. feature a responsive design – proper displaying on mobile phones as well as tablets
3. be effective – able to guide visitors where they need
4. have an attractive design – make clients interested and maintain their loyalty
5. use marketing activities = all available marketing online channels.

What are we doing

Websites / E-shops

We guarantee modern web solutions based on the latest trends that we follow continually. A proper web should be simple (well-arranged), responsive (mobiles, tablets) and user-friendly (interesting).

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Social networks

Relationships with clients are important. Build them effectively and regularly. Let us take care of your social networks and their proper functioning. You can relax and enjoy the increasing range of impact and popularity of your graphic presentation.

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Printed textile

Be original and unique. Let us help you create your own, one and only design. Use your logo, symbol or something else to print T-shirts, sweatshirts or working clothes.

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Graphic design

Choose from our wide offer of graphic services. We can make leaflets, logos, business cards, brochures, billboards, catalogues, web graphics… and much more. Creativity and consistency are most important for us.

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Marketing consultancy

The process of creating one´s own brand never ends and your clients will not stop discovering you. We believe that modern brands need creative campaigns. Proper timing and a good media strategy are considered to be a standard norm today.

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Every successful event needs to be prepared and organised properly. Our priority is to offer professional approach and to fulfil your requirements. We do our best so that you can enjoy fun according to your wishes.

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Graphic design

Printed textile

Social networks


Marketing consultancy

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